1)   What can macaulay + architects really do?

           we bring a combination of skills, experience, expertise and value to each project. we are good listeners and know how to              translate your thoughts into creative solutions which are constructible.  with our skills in architecture and interior design we

           seek out solutions in many different forms.


2)   At what point do I engage macaulay + architects?   

the best time to engage our services is as early as possible, we can assist you with defiining your goals and giving you   guidance in design.  with this infomration, we can help to determine the amount of square footage  you need to acquire for an office or the size of property for a house.   there are many different factures that go into a successful design, the sooner these factures are incorporated the more interest and value is added to the project.


3)   How is macaulay + architects compensated?

generally there are five forms- lump sum project fee; hourly rate; percentage of project's construction cost; some combination of those three and finally per square footage cost. 


4)   What is the process for my project?

actually, that can be a complicated answer depending on the project, here is the short version.  predesign- first, create a program identifying your needs and wants.  second, meet with the local public agencies to determine regulations and restrictions.  third, determine a budget and schedule. schematic design- determine on paper adjacencies, sizes required to meet your program. lay these factors out and look at natural or fixed elements that will affect the layout. design development- refine this information to include other important components relative to the project...structure, mechanical, electrical, furniture...add this layer to the design. (for a residential project, ideally a contractor should be hired no later than the design development phase) construction documents- these drawings reflect a further refinement so that a permit may be issued and the contractor has enough information to build. contract administration- during construction m+a fields questions and  visits the site to review the contractors work for compliance to the design intent.


           the amount of time required depends on the type of project and complexity. please call to discuss further